What is the Online Academy?
The DPGolf Online Academy provides 24/7 access to your swings and lessons giving you direct access to your stored files and lessons wherever you may be as long as you have internet access. DPGolf Academy private lessons held in our covered private studio or on the course include voice-over video via email. See your swing & hear instructor’s feedback anytime & anywhere you’re connected to the Internet. You can also have your online lesson sent to your phone and Facebook account. It is quick and easy, just follow the prompts on our Online Academy page and link your DPGolf Academy locker to your Facebook page.

Is there a fee involved?
DPGolf Academy is happy to provide all our private lesson students and Golf Improvement Program students with unlimited access to our Online Academy and to your own video locker.

How do I access this system?
When you attend your first lesson, we will set up your account using your email address and cell phone number. You will receive a link via email and phone text to our Online Academy. You will then connect to the link provided, which takes you to the sign-in area. Here you will type in your email and password to gain access. It is just that easy!