Custom Golf Club Fitting

It is estimated that over 90% of all golfers are playing with poorly fitted clubs. Let us help you determine if your current clubs actually fit you, your swing, and your game. We’ll measure swing speed, check the lie angle, determine what length and grip size are your best fit.

DPGolf Academy offers all currently enrolled students custom club-fitting at no additional charge during their lessons. If you are not a current or former DPGolf Academy student, we would be happy to help you with proper fitting and club selection suggestions.

Cost: $80

If you purchase clubs through us the $80 will be applied to the purchase price of your clubs. All clubs will be fit to your swing specifications, including:

Please check our availability for a custom club fitting and consultation and book your appointment with our 24/7 online scheduling service.

wilsonlogo3The DPGolf Academy is proud to offer equipment from Wilson. If you are interested, we can make several recommendations on club brands for club sets or a specific club you are looking for. If you decide to purchase clubs through us, each club order comes from the manufacturer ‘custom fit’ straight to your door or you can pick-up your order in our office. We cover shipping charges.