Our Success is Measured by our Students’ Successes

At DPGolf Academy in Bristow, VA, our approach is simple; build our business one customer at a time. We believe helping students reach their goals for the game is our best path to being a successful business. As a result of our approach, many of our students come to us from referrals; and referrals continue to be our best form of advertising.

Hear what our students have to say . . .

“I had never touched a golf club before I met Dave. Being a woman, I had wanted to take up golf but wanted the proper environment/instructor. Dave and his team of instructors are great! They’re very patient and so educational. I learned so much with the video technique, where I could actually SEE what I was doing right or wrong. . .so much better than just having someone tell you. I have seen Dave do wonders for people at all different levels, from beginners to advanced. I recommend Dave and his team of professionals to everyone who wants to experience golf, and improve their game.”
Peggy P., Gainesville

“Dave made the process of learning a relaxed educational experience. I would recommend Dave’s services to anyone who is experienced or just starting out.”
Gary T., Manassas

“I used to be a crummy golfer and always the worst in the group. I am now retired and finally deciding to take up golf a little more seriously than just once a year or so. Other friends recommended DP Golf to me. Dave Predzin is my instructor. I took a series of golf lessons from him last year. A nicer man you could not want to meet. My golf game is gradually improving. I am making carries that I was unable to make before, I am getting a better touch on my short game, and my scores and handicap are coming down. Tiger Woods has nothing to fear from me. But at least I am starting to get a little more competitive than I was before. Before, it was just plain embarrassing.”
Ron W., Manassas

“We really enjoyed the lessons, and best of all, we understood what he [Dave] was saying, which makes it easier to improve.”
Tim F., Manassas

“Thanks Dave…. I can feel and understand what we are trying to change. In the past the frustration came from not understanding.”
John T., Gainesville

“I started with Dave several years ago, because I was so frustrated with my game constantly going out to play and just slicing the ball all day. This could turn you away from the game very fast, as it does for so many people each year. But I love the game and I was determined to have fun playing the game; if you don’t have fun what is the point. I sought out Dave and my game has been improving every since. He has taught me the basics of the grip to the full swing. Dave is a man with a lot of patience and his knowledge of the game is endless. He has a way of instructing and making it so much fun at the same time. I really enjoy the game of golf, and I enjoy my lessons with Dave just as much. If you are having problems off the tee box, your short game needs help or you would like to make fewer putts, Dave will be able to help you in a way that makes sense to you. I highly recommend Dave to anybody. If you are serious about playing golf and wanting to improve your game, Dave is the man.”
James M., Bristow

“I highly recommend Dave if you want to either learn how to play golf or improve your game. He immediately puts you at ease during the lesson and breaks down the components of your swing so it is easier to understand what you need to do to improve. What I like most is that at each instruction session Dave only gives you one or two things to concentrate on so you aren’t overloaded and he helps you identify body clues so that you know how to reproduce what you learned during the lesson when you are practicing and on the course. Also, having the video of the lesson is an added plus to re-enforce the lesson.”
Paula R., Gainesville

“I received a lesson package for a Christmas present, and it was by far the best present I got that year. These were the first lessons I’ve ever had and a great experience. Dave was a pleasure to work with and I immediately saw improvement in every aspect of my game from my drive to my putting. The videos of your lesson are also great to look back on with some commentary to help you practice on your own. These guys have definitely made golf a lot more enjoyable for me.”
Tyler J., Manassas

“I have taken golf lessons, prior to meeting Dave at DPGolf Academy, but in terms of professionalism, knowledge, patience, and my personal development, Dave Predzin stands way above the rest. The feedback Dave offers, during the lessons and by videos, is outstanding and extremely helpful. My individual progress was almost immediate. I can now hit balls farther, almost effortless, and straight. Most importantly, my lower back is not strained after playing. I recommend Dave without question; he is indeed a ‘rare find.'”
Jacob L., Fairfax

“When I got my voice-over swing video by email, I thought that was pretty awesome – something I would definitely use to check my progress. But when I brought my swing video up on my iPhone, well that was even more impressive.”
Dave R., Bristow

“I had been playing golf for years and developed a very unconventional swing that worked sometimes but because it was both complicated (multiple swing planes) and unconventional it was very difficult to be consistent. In addition, I am a lefty. Dave at DPGolf Academy worked with me for 9 months and greatly improved my swing and my confidence on the golf course including my short game. Dave is a patient teacher and provided consistent, unstressful instruction. The results over those 9 months have been amazing. My drives were averaging about 210 and now I can drive 240 fairly consistently. I also gained about 20 yards or more with my irons because I know how to hit down and through the ball instead of casting. I kept teasing Dave that he should be the local PGA instructor of the year because anyone that could take my terrible swing and make it both more conventional and consistent deserves it. Other golfers at Broad Run, some whom I didn’t really know remarked on the change. My handicap is now around 22 instead of 32 and although I don’t consistently shoot in the eighties, I can now. One other thing, the online booking and follow up online videos of the instruction make the process of booking and learning very easy. As a result of Dave’s excellence as a golf instructor I expect my handicap to move to the teens before the summer. My only regret is waiting as long as I did before engaging Dave and DPGolf Academy to turn things around.”
James B., Manassas

“I never played golf until I was in my 30’s and I’m not what you would call a natural. I have taken lessons from several instructors in the past, but Dave is the first one to get me to truly understand the golf swing. Dave has the gift for teaching. He is able to make things simple, understandable and therefore much more enjoyable. I would highly recommend Dave Predzin and DPGolf Academy for anyone from the beginner just wanting to make solid contact with the ball, to the seasoned golfer looking to shave strokes off their game. You’ll learn how to hit balls perfectly straight, and when you don’t, you’ll instantly know why and how to correct it.”
Ken R., Haymarket

“I just reviewed your analysis of my swing on the V1 video. It was like having the lesson all over again and I have access to it anytime. This will be a great practice and play preparation. Just terrific!”
John S., Manassas