Dave Predzin, PGA, CGFI

Dave Predzin PGA Golf Lessons in Northern VA

Owner and Director of Instruction for the DPGolf Academy in Northern VA, Dave specializes in private instruction, helping players of all ability levels. He has a thorough understanding of the principles of learning, and follows this proven approach to help his students reach new levels in their golf game. Much of Dave’s business comes from referrals. This speaks directly to his ability to effectively communicate with his students as well as help students reach their individual goals. It is his unique teaching background and approach to training that has brought Dave and his students much success.

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Dave’s approach to teaching:

I listen….carefully. If you are an experienced player I will ask what you need help with. For example, more consistency, solid contact, more accuracy, lower scores, etc. I then watch you hit shots with a variety of clubs. Once I have determined the root cause of the problem I will show you what is happening with your swing on video. I will suggest a starting point for correcting the problem and teach you how to train yourself so you can build good swing habits when practicing.

If you are a beginner, you have come to the perfect place to learn the game. We will start from scratch. I will teach you how to hold the club, set up to the ball and aim and align yourself to the target. From there we will work on building the proper swing motion with short swings first. As you progress we will move to longer swings until you are making full swings from the tee box.


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