Welcome to the DPGolf Academy

About DPGolf Academy

Through hard work and dedication, the DPGolf Academy has established itself as one of Northern Virginia’s leading providers of affordable, high quality golf instruction. We help thousands of students annually learn and enjoy the game of golf. We believe helping students reach their goals for the game is our best path to being successful. As a result, many of our students come to us from referrals; and referrals continue to be our best form of advertising. Our goal is to provide professional golf instruction that meets or exceeds your expectations.


The DPGolf Academy provides professional quality instruction for golfers of all ages and skill level. Our staff believes in promoting the game of golf and offering quality golf instruction that meets or exceeds each of our student’s expectations. Through education and instruction, we strive to improve the ability and knowledge of our students making the game more enjoyable for everyone. We provide the necessary tools, resources in a friendly environment needed for each student to reach their individual golfing goals.


Our successful instructional programs have earned DPGolf Academy the reputation of having one of the premier golf learning academies in the region. Students completing our instructional courses have praised our staff, recommending our programs to family and friends. In addition to outstanding credentials, our staff has commitment and passion, two key ingredients for quality teachers.


The golf swing must fit each individual and be kept as simple as possible. There are many ways to swing a club, but only one way to swing it efficiently. We believe in building athletes first, then building better golfers. Our golf fitness, TPI screening and development program allows us to identify physical areas in need of strengthening for proper biomechanical movements. Using the proper tools for biomechanical feedback speeds up development, making the swing more efficient.